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About Us

Our Values


Excellence and Professionalism

At Silt Sock Environmental customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. We ensure our products provide you with superior performance results.


We believe in challenging the status quo through innovation.

"We believe you can do better and we want to help you get there."

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What We Do

We manufacture Silt Sock filter sock and supply a variety of other sediment & erosion control products including silt fence, silt sack, inlet filter mat, wood stakes, filter cloth and more!

Silt Sock Check Dam

Our Promise

The construction industry is ever evolving, and Silt Sock Environmental will continue to evolve with them. We are committed to accelerating the industry's transition to sustainable solutions and products. 

"Silt Sock Environmental will help you meet your objectives with the right products, on time and on budget."

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