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Your Perimeter Control Should Work As Hard As You Do

Silt Sock

Silt Sock is a polypropylene mesh sock filled with wood chips.


It is a low maintenance, reusable, environmentally friendly product used for erosion control on job sites.


Filled socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence in many areas, the sock has a lower profile making your project more aesthetically pleasing & easier to access.

Active Water Processor

Active water processor Silt Sock.png

Silt Sock traps sediment while allowing water to filter through. The design of the sock provides close contact with the ground preventing water from flowing underneath.

Silt Sock Pallet

Wood Chips

Free from weeds, disease, metals

Polypropylene Ultra Mesh Fabric

Silt Sock comes wrapped on a standard 4x4 pallet.

Size Chart Silt Sock.png

What's in our Socks?

Looking at the long-term "project completion" including installation, maintenance and removal has proven to be much more effective.

Silt Sock Crossection
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